Hello …. we’re back…..

Welcome back.   After quite a few weeks, we have our blog back.  Some geniuses over at wordpress decided that since we were not linking to their preferred sites….we were linking to ours…..that we were in violation of their ‘Terms of Service’.   So….they suspended our blog.

After 30+ emails to wp (they don’t do phone) they gave a three sentance half baked explanation which didn’t make sense.   ( and you can’t reply )   Then they took all of our posts down, as we had not moved the site in their prescribed time…..   so, we could not access the site to move the site.

Well….20+ more emails we were able to access the archived data…..but no images are available unless we pay them.

I love doing the wp.  I enjoy sharing and will try to get back to being regular.  I can’t promise I’ll get all the images up….but I know I have most saved in my files.

I look forward to discussing pedicures and my love of horses…..and anything else that crosses my path.

Make somebody smile….   Pamela

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