The Toughest Decision

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Hello again….

I’ve taken a break from this blog for about a year.  Wordpress deleted a large chunk of my efforts, and although I tried to re-create the deletions…. they were not up to my liking.  So, I walked away with the intent of ending it.  Tumblr was easier, and the art was more fun.  Check out the Tumblr blog….it is fun.

We did launch BioEZ® in the last year, and are getting success stories from owners and their horses.  On the Tumblr blog….. #success stories to see Before and After images and stories from customers who have tried this affordable digestive optimizer.  More info on BioEZ in future posts.

Watch for our new segments with Keli:  Ranch Nanny OC.  On Call….or Orange County.  Keli is an uber experienced horse-woman who is excited to share her knowledge with you.  We’ll keep them short and easy, but go deeper than the basics of owning a horse.   Keli is also available to Ranch Nanny for you in the OC region and we will make her contact info available.  Let’s see where this segment goes….as we all have a few ideas that sound pretty cool.  Stay tuned.

Finally, we have done a handful of new videos for Giddyap, which I will try and post here, as well as, on the Youtube page.

So, hello again…..and maybe lets just see…..

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Chat’n with Pamela and Susie

Susie talks about Pamela’s horse Bob … and how Bob helped Susie get back to riding.   Bob is truly a “Healer”.


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Racing History


Which one of these handsome guys uses Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot AND Oxi-CleanTabs™ ???

American Pharoah wills the Triple Crown !0426c8ca40dba21ce4e31ea9780f4b9e ddb63dbcc21e69a89a4580e4c9c6a304

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Beauty File: Interview With Creator of Pedi-Sox® Pamela Berryhill | NAILPRO

Beauty File: Interview With Creator of Pedi-Sox Pamela Berryhill | NAILPRO.

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Off the Charts…..

If you follow me on Facebook, you see some equine fun picts that come my way.  { we also have some great information from some of our ‘Like-ees’ }

This post got over 15,000 interactions.  Totally off the charts for us… 2015.tumblr_nk159okvjc1sje5zfo1_400

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Francesca and Sharkey Visit Sasa the Horse | Martha Stewart

Francesca and Sharkey Visit Sasa the Horse | Martha Stewart.

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Old Bob

So, I’m at the barn the other day mucking Bob’s stall….when he leans into me and says….”Did you know that President Lincoln’s horse was named Bob?”  He continued….”google it”….” I’m telling the truth”.

Later on I checked the internet…and wouldn’t you know it.   LIncoln’s horse was called Old Bob.   I’m not sure if I’m going to tell my Bob….that they used the name “old”.  He might not like that….

Here is a link:



Old Bob. Riderless.

Old Bob & Abe


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Garden Variety : How to help out Honey Bees

Garden Variety: How to help out honey bees /

My  Be Ready™ Safety Spray does not contain any of the harmful chemicals described in this article.    Safe on you.  Safe on your pet.  The stinging insects just stay away.    And… harm is done to the bee’s !   That’s awesome !

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Bob & Pamela & New Treats !



Pamela shows Bob her New Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats….Now with Probiotics!   She explained to Bob that Probiotics help with Digestion and will help his body absorb more nutrients.   In turn she said  “Bob…. you are going to look and feel healthier…..from the inside out”

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