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Zip forward to 4:19 to see Pedi-Sox® !!

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Pedi-Sox® I love ’em!!!


DSC_6598Pedi-Sox GIVEAWAY!!!.

I love getting a pedicure! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pedicures!! It’s like relaxing and recharging at the same time. However, I do not love getting a pedicure in the winter because, once my feet are cold, I can not get warm!! Hello Pedi-Sox!! My feet are warm, stylin’ and HAPPY!!

The Original Pedi-Sox are brilliant! Pedi-Sox are quality made, thick socks with a very thick cushioned heel, and open toe area. I love that I can let my polish dry completely. I can extend that pampered feel of a pedicure AND keep my feet warm. We have tile floors through out our house, these floors are COLD in the winter. That alone makes these sox one of those products, I wonder how I’ve lived this long without!! Then I started putting my foot cream on before and wearing the Pedi-Sox to bed. OH MAN!! I’m thrilled and happy with very soft feet! The Pedi-Sox lock in the treatments and I totally notice a difference! 

Best, Connie

Click on the Photo to go to my blog !  { peanut butter and whine }

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Nail Techs – A Must Read !



My friend Dawn Marie Basset is sharing her wealth of knowledge on how to build your business.  With years of experience from behind the chair….her book “How to Build a Clientele…and Keep it” has some great information and will truly help transform your business.  Click on the Photo to link to her site….for a download.

Best, Pamelabook cover

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Nailovelogy: Pedi-Sox®


Nailovelogy: Pedi-Sox® pedicure socks Giveaway!.

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A Pedicure with Pedi-Sox® | Nail Luxxe


A Pedicure with Pedi-Sox | Nail Luxxe.

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Chat’n with Pamela…..Nail Techs…..Why Pedi-Sox® ?

I discuss the Benefits of adding Pedi-Sox® as an additional step in the Professional Pedicure process.   “They just make the pedicure better”

“Pamper your Feet”®…..and Extend the Pleasure of the Pedicure Experience………

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Chat’n with Pamela….Retailing Pedi-Sox®

Pamela discusses with Nail Techs and Beauty Salons… to introduce and retail Pedi-Sox®.

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Nail Talk Radio : 10/06 : AthenA & Naja | Nail Education Podcasts

Gelousy 10/06 by AthenA and Naja | Education Podcasts.

At about 13.5 in……The ladys discuss Pedi-Sox® !!leopard_sox

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My Nail Tech…..

My nail tech, Michelle D. is the best.  She totally takes care of my hands & feet !  Michelle is the owner of Michelle’s Nails in Redondo Beach and also does a few days a week at the OC Spa.  ( where I see her )

A consumate professional I trust her explicitly.   And have been for years !   Here are some photos from a recent pedicure.  I have on my Pinky Pink Professional Pedi-Sox®…and some lovely pink polish.  Love the pink !Mich2 Mich4MIch5Mich3

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Pedi-Sox® – Susannah’s Review


Pedi-Sox – Susannah’s Review.

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