Healthy Hooves !

Have you tried my Oxi-CleanTabs™ ?

We call them a “Soaking Booster”… they make your Hoof Soaking Better !   The Fizz action of the tablets gets up into the nooks & crannies of the infected area …..Apple cider vinegar & Tea tree oil have anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties to help aid.


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Soaking Hoofs for Abscesses…..

Do you know about my Giddyap Girls® Original Soaking Boot® ?     I invented the soaking boot !  (and been knocked off by low quality  chinese copies )

For Horse Hoof Soaking…Hot or Cold.   Made in America.  Easy on & off.   Super durable denier nylon and water-proof coated on the inside.  Comfort disk for stability.   Height allows for soaking higher up on the coronet band….which means…better healing.   Sized for larger hooves too.    Stands upright, and wont tip over like the water bucket !

Here is Bob…modeling…..IMG_3965 IMG_3958

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At the barn with Pamela…..Meet Sandy & Shaina

Pamela at the barn.   Meet Sandy and Shaina….who had an abscess that was cured with a Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® and Giddyap Girls® Oxi-CleanTabs™.

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Oxi-CleanTabs™ are available thru these fine catalogues:

 Jeffers Vet Supply

Dover Saddlery

Valley Vet Supply

State Line Tack

KV Vet Supply

SmartPak Equine


Hi, I’m Pamela….and my Oxi-CleanTabs™  make soaking more effective.   The fizz action gets into the nooks & crannies of the infected hoof area that may not be visible to the human eye……                                

Click on the photo to get full product information  !

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Helps Hooves Heal Faster…..


oxy_image_small29Giddyap Girls…. Oxi-CleanTabs™ 

Soaking Booster Tablets that improve Hot or Cold Hoof Soaks.

Activated thru fizz action….. anti-bacterial & healing  TeaTree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar…. get into nooks & crannies of the hoof infected area.

When combined with Epsom Salts this makes an effective affordable Treatment.

Toss in 3-5 Tablets.    Safe.  Natural.  Made in USA

Let your horse experience the difference !

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