Why A Straight Rein is Not A Bad Rein | Horse Listening


Why A Straight Rein is Not A Bad Rein | Horse Listening.

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Happy Holidays !


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Chat’n with Pamela and Denny Ekins & OxiCleanTabs™

Pamela and World Class Trainer Denny Ekins about Pamela’s Oxi-CleanTabs™ and how Denny uses them at his barn…..and how they help heal hooves……

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Treats at the barn….

Make sure to ask the owner….before you give Treats.

Even though my Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats are Naturally Healthy and do not have Sugar or Wheat….it is always best to ask permission.

Doreen approves.....

Doreen approves…..

Bob....well....you know he loves 'em !

Bob….well….you know he loves ’em !

Beautiful....and gobbled down....

Beautiful….and gobbled down….

Giddyap Girls®  Premium Horse Treats

Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats

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Huntington Beach Equestrian Center

Here are some photos of where I stable.  These are some random shots from different days.  Just stuff I found interesting and you might too !

IMG_0721IMG_0717Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 1.08.57 PMIMG_0944IMG_0615IMG_0946IMG_0611Walking back….

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Marsha & Peanut

Hi, I have some interviews with Marsh and Peanut coming up soon. Thought you might want to see a photo….

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At the barn with Pamela…..Meet Sandy & Shaina

Pamela at the barn.   Meet Sandy and Shaina….who had an abscess that was cured with a Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® and Giddyap Girls® Oxi-CleanTabs™.

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Farrier in action….

In the background of the last video post,  you might have heard the telltale sounds of the barn’s local Farrier Melvin Reynolds… as he custom fit horse shoes.    Here are some images I took of him while he worked.   The very best in his field…he endorses my  Original SoakingBoot® and my  Oxi-CleanTabs™.

IMG_0743 IMG_0739 IMG_0737 IMG_0732


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At the barn with Pamela…..

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