Chat’n with Pamela and Susie

Susie talks about Pamela’s horse Bob … and how Bob helped Susie get back to riding.   Bob is truly a “Healer”.


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Lovin’ on Bob….

Bob is feeling more ‘perky’ since being on BioEZ™.GG_Bob_Pamela

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Safe on You…. Safe on your Pet….

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Bob’s Home

Love the Entrance Gate…..


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Old Bob

So, I’m at the barn the other day mucking Bob’s stall….when he leans into me and says….”Did you know that President Lincoln’s horse was named Bob?”  He continued….”google it”….” I’m telling the truth”.

Later on I checked the internet…and wouldn’t you know it.   LIncoln’s horse was called Old Bob.   I’m not sure if I’m going to tell my Bob….that they used the name “old”.  He might not like that….

Here is a link:



Old Bob. Riderless.

Old Bob & Abe


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Bob & Pamela & New Treats !



Pamela shows Bob her New Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats….Now with Probiotics!   She explained to Bob that Probiotics help with Digestion and will help his body absorb more nutrients.   In turn she said  “Bob…. you are going to look and feel healthier…..from the inside out”

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Bob watching….

Bob is watching the start of a Therapeutic Riding Session at the Huntington  Equestrian Center on this colder overcast day.  I’m actually loving it…..photo_bob_GG

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Five Components of the Ultimate Warm Up in Horse Riding | Horse Listening

IMG_0729Five Components of the Ultimate Warm Up in Horse Riding | Horse Listening.

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Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats !

Apples Raisins Carrots Beet Pulp Vitamins & Minerals….  No Sugar and No Wheat !



These Premium Horse Treats ‘Snap’ into three smaller pieces….perfect for training and great for older horses and foals…to avoid choking.

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Be Ready™ Safety Spray

So many people love my  Be Ready™ Spray.   It works… gotta try it !

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