Treats at the barn….

Make sure to ask the owner….before you give Treats.

Even though my Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats are Naturally Healthy and do not have Sugar or Wheat….it is always best to ask permission.

Doreen approves.....

Doreen approves….. know he loves 'em !

Bob….well….you know he loves ’em !

Beautiful....and gobbled down....

Beautiful….and gobbled down….

Giddyap Girls®  Premium Horse Treats

Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats

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Soaking Hoofs for Abscesses…..

Do you know about my Giddyap Girls® Original Soaking Boot® ?     I invented the soaking boot !  (and been knocked off by low quality  chinese copies )

For Horse Hoof Soaking…Hot or Cold.   Made in America.  Easy on & off.   Super durable denier nylon and water-proof coated on the inside.  Comfort disk for stability.   Height allows for soaking higher up on the coronet band….which means…better healing.   Sized for larger hooves too.    Stands upright, and wont tip over like the water bucket !

Here is Bob…modeling…..IMG_3965 IMG_3958

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Huntington Beach Equestrian Center

Here are some photos of where I stable.  These are some random shots from different days.  Just stuff I found interesting and you might too !

IMG_0721IMG_0717Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 1.08.57 PMIMG_0944IMG_0615IMG_0946IMG_0611Walking back….

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Bob’s Blaze

Just a short clip of me and Bob.  Nice day at the stable.  A bit windy…..

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Bob & His Amazing Graze

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During the shoot…..

So today we were doing some filming with Giddyap Girls Treats….and you know who pops his nose thru the stall fence and whines for a Treat !   Of course I gave him one.  Ok…two.  Ok…three.     Can’t  ‘over-treat’ with Giddyap Girls Treats….as there is No Sugar and No Wheat !





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Me & Bob

Mucking out Bob’s stall.  He has lost most of his winter coat….and is lookin’ good!     I look pretty good too!   Love my Marmot Down Vest.

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Grooming Bob….

Its that time of year when Bob is shedding his winter coat.  To help him along I like to use my special curry comb.   I like to collect the hairs and drop them in corner nooks around the stable… birds and rabbits use the hair for their nests.   I like to think that a warmer nest makes the birds sing better and the rabbits smile more !   You can see Bob’s Amazing Graze Toy.   It has a special hole in it for the Giddyap Girls  Treats to fall out when he rolls it in just the right way.  The Treats don’t fall out easily because of their shape.   Perfect to encourage exercise.    Moreover,  with my Giddyap Girls Treats… can’t “over-treat” as there is No Sugar & No Wheat !Bob1 Bob2 Bob3 Bob5 Bob6 BOb7 Bob8

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Bob….the whippersnapper

So, we think Bob is around 30 years old.   Love him.   Like all of us….still thinks of himself as young…..and decided to be spry in the turn-out.   BobSleep-10Well….he tripped and hurt himself.   Oy vey….these kids.    Here he is resting in his stall.   Looks comfy.  Seems to be smiling.  The doctor is coming today….and will keep you all posted.

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Our friend Oliver….when he sees me….he stops doing his training……he knows I have the Giddyap Girls Treats !    His trainer says its OK….as Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats don’t have Sugar or Wheat !IMG_0649

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