Benefits of using Probiotics in Horses

Listen to this two minute piece on the benefits of Probiotics….

60% Better Uptake of Vitamins & Minerals …… intestines

LINK:   Benefits of using Probiotics in Horses.

Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats contain Live Probiotics

Your Horse will Look & Feel Better…..From the Inside Out™ !!



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Old Bob

So, I’m at the barn the other day mucking Bob’s stall….when he leans into me and says….”Did you know that President Lincoln’s horse was named Bob?”  He continued….”google it”….” I’m telling the truth”.

Later on I checked the internet…and wouldn’t you know it.   LIncoln’s horse was called Old Bob.   I’m not sure if I’m going to tell my Bob….that they used the name “old”.  He might not like that….

Here is a link:



Old Bob. Riderless.

Old Bob & Abe


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Hoof Abscesses and Puncture Wounds

Hoof Abscesses and Puncture Wounds.  By Janice Posnikoff, DMV.

Informative piece on abscesses…..and note the ‘side-bar’ that  recommends  Giddyap Girls® Original SoakingBoot® to treat abscesses.

I designed the Giddyap Girls® Original SoakingBoot® for ‘easy on & easy off’.   I had a cast on my broken ankle ( another story )….and My horse Cheyenne got an abscess.  I struggled so hard to get that “other” brand boot on her…then off….   I think I used a few ‘choice’ words that day.    I said to myself….”there has to be a better way”.   I designed and tested a bunch of versions of the Boot…..and finally came upon what many feel is the best in the marketplace.    I guarantee it.    PamelaGiddyapGirlsSoakingBoot_aGiddyapGirlsSoakingBoot_b


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Garden Variety : How to help out Honey Bees

Garden Variety: How to help out honey bees /

My  Be Ready™ Safety Spray does not contain any of the harmful chemicals described in this article.    Safe on you.  Safe on your pet.  The stinging insects just stay away.    And… harm is done to the bee’s !   That’s awesome !

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Why A Straight Rein is Not A Bad Rein | Horse Listening


Why A Straight Rein is Not A Bad Rein | Horse Listening.

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Nail Techs – A Must Read !



My friend Dawn Marie Basset is sharing her wealth of knowledge on how to build your business.  With years of experience from behind the chair….her book “How to Build a Clientele…and Keep it” has some great information and will truly help transform your business.  Click on the Photo to link to her site….for a download.

Best, Pamelabook cover

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Chat’n with Pamela….Retailing Pedi-Sox®

Pamela discusses with Nail Techs and Beauty Salons… to introduce and retail Pedi-Sox®.

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20 Signs That Your Horse Benefits From Your Riding | Horse Listening


20 Signs That Your Horse Benefits From Your Riding | Horse Listening.

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Glitter Infatuation: My Summer Feet Routine Featuring Pedi-Sox*

Glitter Infatuation: My Summer Feet Routine Featuring Pedi-Sox*.

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Chat’n with Pamela….QuarterHorse Trainer Denny Ekins

World Famous Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse Trainer Denny Ekins discuss the Benefits of Pamela’s invention…..The Original Giddyap Girls SoakingBoot®.

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