How to: Easy Hot/Cold Soaking Hooves

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You know me….I’m Pamela of Giddyap Girls®.  I invented the Original Giddyap SoakingBoot®.  A smarter – and easier – way to soak your horse’s hooves for abscesses. Safer than a bucket….it won’t spill and make a messy work area. American Made of super heavy duty denier nylon….this is quality.

My Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® with Comfort Disk™ for stability

Bob, and my Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® with Comfort Disk™ for stability

Assemble your stuff….and make sure to use a hoof pick and clean out your horse’s hooves. Treats are always a good thing to have handy….to keep your horse “happy”.


Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® OxiCleanTabs™ Premium Naturally Healthy Treats


Easy open and my Comfort Disk™ for stability and well-being.

My Giddyap Girls SoakingBoot® is an oversized ‘boot’ with a waterproof interior, and velcrow closures for easy on and easy off. Included is a Comfort Disk™ which aids in stability….and actually gives ‘comfort’ to your horse while soaking. The Comfort Disk™ is easily removable for wash up.


Pour in your Epsom Salts…

Fill the Boot with Water. This boot holds a great deal of water….to soak higher up on the leg….for better healing. Heat the water if doing a warm soak. Ice it for cold. Add your Epsom Salts and Drop in my Oxi-CleanTabs™ The Tablets work as a “Soaking Booster”….making the soak more effective. How…you ask ? Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil work as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents….and the Fizz Action of the tablets gets these healing ingredients into the nooks & crannies of the hoof infected area. { see our video with Trainer Denny Ekins on how he uses Oxi-CleanTabs™ on his race horses }











Giddyap Girls® Oxi-CleanTabs™ give a Fizz Action that helps clean infected hooves with Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Insert your horse’s hoof to be soaked…..


Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® is easy to work with because of the double sided velcro….you can’t make a mistake !

Closure up the boot with my two sided, double wide velcro. Double sided to make it easy…so you can’t do it wrong. Double wide….to make it easy….so it can’t go wrong !!

Now… adjust the boot to the leg…and wrap the top velcro closure around the boot. It’s that easy !

Stay with your horse during Soaking. It’s not safe to leave your horse unattended. Use our Control Strap™ on the boot to keep the boot level with your horse’s hoof, as they may lift their leg to see what is wrapped around it.  Holding the strap…move the boot with the leg…allowing your horse to be more at ease.    Talk to your horse during the process, bond, give them some Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats….there is No Sugar and No Wheat….so you can’t ‘over-treat’.

After you finish your soak. Let it dry out and if you are packing with any type of poultices…apply now. The Giddyap Girls SoakingBoot® can be turned inside out to clean and dry…and it folds flat for easy storage.

One Smart Boot !

One Smart Boot !


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Healthy Hooves !

Have you tried my Oxi-CleanTabs™ ?

We call them a “Soaking Booster”… they make your Hoof Soaking Better !   The Fizz action of the tablets gets up into the nooks & crannies of the infected area …..Apple cider vinegar & Tea tree oil have anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties to help aid.


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Chat’n with Pamela….QuarterHorse Trainer Denny Ekins

World Famous Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse Trainer Denny Ekins discuss the Benefits of Pamela’s invention…..The Original Giddyap Girls SoakingBoot®.

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At the barn with Pamela…..Meet Sandy & Shaina

Pamela at the barn.   Meet Sandy and Shaina….who had an abscess that was cured with a Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® and Giddyap Girls® Oxi-CleanTabs™.

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Oxi-CleanTabs™ are available thru these fine catalogues:

 Jeffers Vet Supply

Dover Saddlery

Valley Vet Supply

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KV Vet Supply

SmartPak Equine


Hi, I’m Pamela….and my Oxi-CleanTabs™  make soaking more effective.   The fizz action gets into the nooks & crannies of the infected hoof area that may not be visible to the human eye……                                

Click on the photo to get full product information  !

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Smart Soaking…..

I invented the Original Giddyap Girls SoakingBoot®…..

Made in the USA of the highest quality materials…..

High Water Coverage….means better First Aid.   Hot or Cold Soaks.

Toss in a couple of my Oxi-CleanTabs™ for Faster Healing !

The Original Giddyap Girls SoakingBoot®

The Original Giddyap Girls SoakingBoot®

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Helps Hooves Heal Faster…..


oxy_image_small29Giddyap Girls…. Oxi-CleanTabs™ 

Soaking Booster Tablets that improve Hot or Cold Hoof Soaks.

Activated thru fizz action….. anti-bacterial & healing  TeaTree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar…. get into nooks & crannies of the hoof infected area.

When combined with Epsom Salts this makes an effective affordable Treatment.

Toss in 3-5 Tablets.    Safe.  Natural.  Made in USA

Let your horse experience the difference !

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