Drinking Chocolate…..sounds great !

You all know that every now and again I find interesting foods or treats.
This looks interesting…. Drinking Chocolate form Portland Oregon.

Cacao – Dark and Rich.  Check it out, I know I will be….Cacao-Premium-Drinking-Chocolate-252x300

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Flavored Sea Salt

Have you guys tried any of these flavored Sea Salts ?  I’ve been served in restaurants, but never thought to bring them into my kitchen.   They sound quite interesting, and I noticed a selection on the shelf at the supermarket.   From flavors to different grinds I think this sounds interesting…..th-1

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Chewy Gooey…..

The thought of a warm caramel marshmallow puff sounds fantastic….. Maybe I’ll run down to the Farmers Market and get a fresh one !  Thats exactly what they look like too !   Little Johns Candies. Third & Fairfax.

LittleJohns Caramel Marshmallows

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The FarmStead


I read an article about Cheese Shortbread crackers from this purveyor.  They sound fab.  So, I went to their website…..and I sure would like to visit this place.  (click the logo to go)


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Pear & Vanilla Butter

I read a piece about Ms. June Taylor (link to her site)  and went to her site.  She has some great marmalades, conserves, syrups, and fruit butters from her kitchens.  Excellent for the holidays.  The Pear & Vanilla Butter caught my attention…..


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