Denny Ekins Racing Stables…..


Hey there you’all……

I was at Los Alamitos Race Track today checking in with World Famous Trainer Denny Ekins.  He is a great guy and uses my Original SoakingBoot® and Oxi-CleanTabs™.    Some cool videos from the Track coming soon !Denny Pamela

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Huntington Beach Equestrian Center

Here are some photos of where I stable.  These are some random shots from different days.  Just stuff I found interesting and you might too !

IMG_0721IMG_0717Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 1.08.57 PMIMG_0944IMG_0615IMG_0946IMG_0611Walking back….

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Jewel….Sacred Horse of the Indian Tribes

Look at this cool girl…..   Jewel is a very special Paint Horse in the barn complex.   The marking on her head  (looks like a scull/medicine cap)  are very important to Indian Tribes.    They believe that this marking is sacred, and have great powers.   I grabbed some info (below the photos)  from the web.   Kinda cool huh ?


Legend has the Medicine Hat Horse appearing in Native American culture, being used as a Ceremonial Horse, Buffalo Runner, and a War Horse. Some of the Plains tribes which considered the Medicine Hat to be supernatural protection against harm were the Sioux, Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Comanche and Kiowa Tribes. Being of mostly white coloration, paintings of special symbols were used on Medicines Hats to add strength to the horse and depict special happenings, such as battles and captured ponies, in the life of his rider. There were considered so special that only tribal chiefs and medicine men and great warriors were only allowed to ride them.   Source: www

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At the barn with Pamela…..Meet Sandy & Shaina

Pamela at the barn.   Meet Sandy and Shaina….who had an abscess that was cured with a Giddyap Girls® SoakingBoot® and Giddyap Girls® Oxi-CleanTabs™.

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At the barn with Pamela…..

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Oxi-CleanTabs™ are available thru these fine catalogues:

 Jeffers Vet Supply

Dover Saddlery

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Hi, I’m Pamela….and my Oxi-CleanTabs™  make soaking more effective.   The fizz action gets into the nooks & crannies of the infected hoof area that may not be visible to the human eye……                                

Click on the photo to get full product information  !

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Chat’n with Pamela

Today I discuss proper sizes of carrots for your horse to avoid a choking issues.   And Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats “Snap into Three Pieces”…..great for the older horse, younger horse and foal.


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Amazing Graze Toy

You have seen Bob play with his….I thought I might show you what it looks like new.  Super quality American Made.  Available thru Horseman’s Pride.   See the round opening next to the logo….that is where the apple or carrot or Treat pieces come out .    Sand does get in there….so keep that in mind.  My Giddyap Girls Treats are shaped like a clover, and do not fall out of that opening so easily.  Plus, my Premium Horse Treats are baked….and don’t pick up sand.  You horse will love you more….if you use Giddyap Girls.   Make ’em smile. Pamela


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Bob’s Blaze

Just a short clip of me and Bob.  Nice day at the stable.  A bit windy…..

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Bob & His Amazing Graze

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