My Nail Tech…..

My nail tech, Michelle D. is the best.  She totally takes care of my hands & feet !  Michelle is the owner of Michelle’s Nails in Redondo Beach and also does a few days a week at the OC Spa.  ( where I see her )

A consumate professional I trust her explicitly.   And have been for years !   Here are some photos from a recent pedicure.  I have on my Pinky Pink Professional Pedi-Sox®…and some lovely pink polish.  Love the pink !Mich2 Mich4MIch5Mich3

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Adventures in Ice Cream


I came across this blog post from my tumblr site….and had to share it over here to you guys !   I absolutely love snickerdoodle cookies !

Adventures in Ice Cream.

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20 Signs That Your Horse Benefits From Your Riding | Horse Listening


20 Signs That Your Horse Benefits From Your Riding | Horse Listening.

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What’s Hot !


You should check out all the kool products Karen offers.   There are some really neat speciality beauty must haves !Whats Hot Logo8

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Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats !

Apples Raisins Carrots Beet Pulp Vitamins & Minerals….  No Sugar and No Wheat !



These Premium Horse Treats ‘Snap’ into three smaller pieces….perfect for training and great for older horses and foals…to avoid choking.

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Her Horse

Even though it is an ad……I thought you might like this piece about a women and her horse.   Beautiful imagery.


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Top Ten Reasons To Ride A Horse


Top Ten Reasons To Ride A Horse.

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Treats at the barn….

Make sure to ask the owner….before you give Treats.

Even though my Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats are Naturally Healthy and do not have Sugar or Wheat….it is always best to ask permission.

Doreen approves.....

Doreen approves….. know he loves 'em !

Bob….well….you know he loves ’em !

Beautiful....and gobbled down....

Beautiful….and gobbled down….

Giddyap Girls®  Premium Horse Treats

Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats

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PONY Magazine

I saw this post over at   PONY Magazine  on Tumblr…..and I thought I would share.   So cute…..

tumblr_mn1gz218sQ1sr26l4o3_400 tumblr_mn1gz218sQ1sr26l4o2_400 tumblr_mn1gz218sQ1sr26l4o1_400

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Jewel….Sacred Horse of the Indian Tribes

Look at this cool girl…..   Jewel is a very special Paint Horse in the barn complex.   The marking on her head  (looks like a scull/medicine cap)  are very important to Indian Tribes.    They believe that this marking is sacred, and have great powers.   I grabbed some info (below the photos)  from the web.   Kinda cool huh ?


Legend has the Medicine Hat Horse appearing in Native American culture, being used as a Ceremonial Horse, Buffalo Runner, and a War Horse. Some of the Plains tribes which considered the Medicine Hat to be supernatural protection against harm were the Sioux, Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Comanche and Kiowa Tribes. Being of mostly white coloration, paintings of special symbols were used on Medicines Hats to add strength to the horse and depict special happenings, such as battles and captured ponies, in the life of his rider. There were considered so special that only tribal chiefs and medicine men and great warriors were only allowed to ride them.   Source: www

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