A Pedicure with Pedi-Sox® | Nail Luxxe


A Pedicure with Pedi-Sox | Nail Luxxe.

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Chat’n with Pamela…..Nail Techs…..Why Pedi-Sox® ?

I discuss the Benefits of adding Pedi-Sox® as an additional step in the Professional Pedicure process.   “They just make the pedicure better”

“Pamper your Feet”®…..and Extend the Pleasure of the Pedicure Experience………

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Nail Talk Radio : 10/06 : AthenA & Naja | Nail Education Podcasts

Gelousy 10/06 by AthenA and Naja | Education Podcasts.

At about 13.5 in……The ladys discuss Pedi-Sox® !!leopard_sox

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My Nail Tech…..

My nail tech, Michelle D. is the best.  She totally takes care of my hands & feet !  Michelle is the owner of Michelle’s Nails in Redondo Beach and also does a few days a week at the OC Spa.  ( where I see her )

A consumate professional I trust her explicitly.   And have been for years !   Here are some photos from a recent pedicure.  I have on my Pinky Pink Professional Pedi-Sox®…and some lovely pink polish.  Love the pink !Mich2 Mich4MIch5Mich3

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Pedi-Sox® – Susannah’s Review


Pedi-Sox – Susannah’s Review.

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Nail Polish Wars: Pedi-Sox®

Fun Link to a fun blog….

Nail Polish Wars: Pedi-Sox.

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What’s Hot !


You should check out all the kool products Karen offers.   There are some really neat speciality beauty must haves !Whats Hot Logo8

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New ! American Cruise

OMG !   Have you seen my new American Cruise style in California Weight Pedi-Sox® ?   They are finally available on the webcart.  Inspired by traditional Americana values – Red White & Blue…..from the sailing world.  I love them….and you will too !


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Pedi-Sox® Season……

It’s getting to be Pedi-Sox® season……

Look at this cool post from Instagram sent in by Nails Magazine.Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.04.37 AM

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Pedi-Sox® UK Review | Nail Lacquer Blog

the-original-pedi-sox-review-2-1024x680 the-original-pedi-sox-review-3-1024x680

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