Food vs Love

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Giddyap Girls BioEZ® & Premium Horse Treats.... Healthy Digestion = Healthy Horse

Giddyap Girls BioEZ® & Premium Horse Treats…. Healthy Digestion

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Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats….Now w/ Probiotics

Probiotics work like ‘vitamins’ for your Horse’s Digestive System.  When digestion is Optimal….Nutrients will absorb better….and your Horse will be Healthier !   Thats why we say:  “Your Horse will Look & Feel Healthier….from the Inside Out!”

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My Favorite Ad…..

This is my favorite ad for Giddyap Girls……AD5HorsesGGBC

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Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats !

Apples Raisins Carrots Beet Pulp Vitamins & Minerals….  No Sugar and No Wheat !



These Premium Horse Treats ‘Snap’ into three smaller pieces….perfect for training and great for older horses and foals…to avoid choking.

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Treats at the barn….

Make sure to ask the owner….before you give Treats.

Even though my Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats are Naturally Healthy and do not have Sugar or Wheat….it is always best to ask permission.

Doreen approves.....

Doreen approves….. know he loves 'em !

Bob….well….you know he loves ’em !

Beautiful....and gobbled down....

Beautiful….and gobbled down….

Giddyap Girls®  Premium Horse Treats

Giddyap Girls® Premium Horse Treats

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This looks interesting….

Saw a write up about these chocolates….and had to share.   These look amazing…and my kids better remember Mother’s Day.   How does a Candied Eggplant Chocolate Bar sound ?   How about Sweet Potato & Milk….or  Bacon Praline Bar with French Toast Ganache?    Blueberry with Lemon Peel…..or  Sourdough, Salt and Dark Chocolate ?    The picture is a Sunflower Seed Praline and Malted Milk Ganache, and the yellow is done like a Japanese Yuzu.    I look forward to trying….OD-AW869_BITS_G_20130501121247

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Chat’n with Pamela

Today I discuss proper sizes of carrots for your horse to avoid a choking issues.   And Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats “Snap into Three Pieces”…..great for the older horse, younger horse and foal.


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Amazing Graze Toy

You have seen Bob play with his….I thought I might show you what it looks like new.  Super quality American Made.  Available thru Horseman’s Pride.   See the round opening next to the logo….that is where the apple or carrot or Treat pieces come out .    Sand does get in there….so keep that in mind.  My Giddyap Girls Treats are shaped like a clover, and do not fall out of that opening so easily.  Plus, my Premium Horse Treats are baked….and don’t pick up sand.  You horse will love you more….if you use Giddyap Girls.   Make ’em smile. Pamela


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Bob’s Blaze

Just a short clip of me and Bob.  Nice day at the stable.  A bit windy…..

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